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I command time and space and create what I see for myself.
óWill Smith

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I help women grow their online business through the written word.

  • If you need help writing web copy, articles, blog posts, or social media blasts, I can do that. 

  • If you've been dying to write a book and don't have the time or skills to do it, I'm your ghostwriter!

  • If you'd like to write your own book and need a writing coach to guide you, I can do that.

I specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs who have great ideas and need help implementing them.

I'm an intuitive creative with strong organizational skills. 

I've been in business for 17 years, with emphasis on women starting up retirement businesses. 

Honored Twice Among Business Books!

Discovering Your Inner Samurai

This book is perfect for women entrepreneurs who know that the best way to start up and grow their online business is by establishing a connection with their powerful Inner Self.

Turn your multiple streams of passion into a powerful, profitable business.

Get your fr*ee

Doing What You Love:
Multiple Streams of Passion

Need Help with your business? Time to update your resume? Need a Copy Editor or Ghostwriter?
Creative entrepreneurs want freedom and choice. And know that owning their own business will do that for them.

Because they're creatives, they're very enthusiastic at the start. Yet, get bored and bogged down in the middle. 

No matter where you're stuck:
  • At the beginning.
  • Been in business awhile
If you need a fresh set of eyes and intuitive business solutsions to connect your passion with progress, I can help.

Schwarz, Brian(1).jpegJust got a call with another job interview this morning! I swear, when it rains it pours. Wish I could take all the job offers to make up for this last year of unemployment.

Susan L. Reid is the absolute best person to call if you need help pepping up your resume. After nearly a year of searching, I implemented her language, formatting, and other suggestions to add fuel to my exhausted job search, and offers started pouring in. 
Creative entreprenueres want nothing more than to focus on what they're passionate about.

They want to:
  • Explore & Create
They don't want to:
  • Plan & Strategize
Creatives need to focus on what they do best and let someone else do the rest.

If you need a ghostwriter for your book, social media posts, or articles, I can do that. 

If you need help writing copy for your website or editing your eBook,
I can do that. 

Petra Nemcova

Petra NemcovaWriting a Business Plan always seemed a daunting prospect to me and I wasn't looking forward to writing one at all. On top of that, I only had one month to finish it.

Having the guidance of Dr. Susan has been such a blessing.

Not only did we get everything done on time, but she also turned it into a fun experience - one where I felt empowered and through which I have grown. I learned a lot from the experience and wisdom of Dr. Susan and strongly recommend her to anyone needing to establish a Business Plan.

Petra Nemcova
Creator, Be The Light NY
New York, NY

reviews from our clients.

Virginia L. Seno

Virginia SenoAfter trying around with all the different business coaches out there; I wish that I had gone with Dr. Reid originally.

Frankly, I would've saved a lot of money and then been way further ahead in my business.

Dr. Reid is brilliant, friendly and unassuming. She is truly intuitive and a lot gets done in an hour, even when the client is dragging her feet!

You will never regret the investment in either her book or other services she provides. And I mean never. She's just that perfect. I know. She took me a million miles in six months; where other coaches took me somewhere else, but not ahead. Thanks so much!

Virginia L. Seno, PhD
Leavenworth, IN

reviews from our clients.

About Me

Dr. Susan L. Reid

I'm an intuitive creative entrepreneur who's helped thousands of women grow their online business through the written word. 

My doctorate is in conducting and I have a master's degree in counselling. I've been both a conductor and mental health professional.  

In 2004 I channeled my creative expression into a coaching business. I connect passion with progress as a ghostwriter and copy editor. 

Award-winning author
of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success.
Dr. Susan L. Reid

Contact: Susan at SuccessfulSmallBizOwners dot com

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